Moby Dick

Moby Dick game

Ok firstly, those of you who saw the title ‘Moby Dick’ and made the assumption that this game would bear any similarity to the revered American novel of the same name, I suggest that you leave immediately. It may be a good idea to actually turn off your computer, step away from it, sit in a quiet corner of your building of residence and have a long, hard think about your situation. To expect or even hope for a flash game to reflect the complexities of language and symbolism of any novel significant to literature is a grave error; it is also indicative of a fundamental misunderstanding of both literature and the purpose of flash-based light-entertainment in general. ‘Moby Dick’ is merely the title of a water-based flash game that puts you in full control of an extremely hungry and destructive whale, and I would choose the game over the novel on any day of the week.

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Moby Dick 2

Moby Dick 2 game

Whether you've read Herman Melville's classic novel Moby Dick or not, it's unlikely that you wouldn't have at least heard of the legendary creature. Playing Moby Dick 2 here at allows you to assume control of the fictional sperm whale, wreaking complete havoc and generalised destruction on anything or anyone that dares to venture into your waters. Sink boats, eat people, and get destructive as you grow and upgrade your whale to become the most deadly creature the small section of water you play the game in has ever seen.

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Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin Olympics 2 game

Put your fear of water aside for one second and open your mind to a world where you may just get to fulfil your dream of swimming with dolphins after all, but just not in that exact way that you hoped. In Dolphin Olympics 2, you get to swim as a dolphin, and one that happens to be particularly skilled, and whose nimbleness in the water allows you to perform a variety of tricks and combinations for points. If you’ve never seen a dolphin do a tail-slide in space, here’s your chance.

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Radical Fishing

Radical Fishing game

In my eyes, tradition fishing shouldn’t really be considered a sport as it is simply doesn’t display enough skill or put enough strain on the participant to be worthy of the title, but Radical Fishing changed my perspective entirely. Assume control of a more extreme fisherman that brings peril to the depths and chaos to the skies with his unusual catching methods.

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