Fishing Girl Game

The Clever Mini-Game That Can: Fishing Girl

Compared to the titanic volume of fishing games out there for the browser, Fishing Girl manages to stand out pretty well with its well designed game mechanics, impressive visual delivery, and most importantly, very clever concept: you must fish, and continuously improve your casting capabilities in order to get your line to reach the other side of the water. It may seem a little surreal –using the fishing in such a way, but it actually works, and the end result is not only a fun flash game, but a very compelling fishing experience that makes you want to keep fishing until you reach the conclusion of the game.

Depth and Simplicity

Considering the depth of gameplay in Fishing Girl, the developers really pulled off a great game for being able to balance the way you keep fishing with trying to earn real progress in the story. The controls are completely mouse based and for the most part, and only requires the player to click or hold the mouse button (the only time you move the mouse around is to buy upgrades or to switch lures).

When the game starts out, you get 4 free small lures for capturing small fish. Catch enough and you can buy bigger lures for bigger fish or a better fishing rod for a longer casting distance. Lures can be used an infinite number of times –as long as you are consistent with the size of fish that you get.

This is where the game gets even more interesting. Small lures can only capture small fish. A larger fish will eat the small lure and just swim away. For the bigger sized fishes, you will need bigger lures. During the first playthrough of the game, smaller fish will not try to eat the bigger lures. But once you get the first basic objective done, the real gameplay is unlocked and smaller fish will start nibbling at your bigger lures. If a lure is nibbled enough times, it will disappear.

The Controlled Economy

In most games, constantly losing resources (in this case, the lures) is not that big of a deal since you can grind and eventually earn enough for a replacement. This is not the case with Fishing Girl. Despite the large number of fish available at the start of the game, your fishing activities will slowly, but surely, drain their number. Yes, there is a limited number of fish swimming under the waters, and this means that if you are not careful about how you conserve your lures, you may not be able to accomplish the game’s main objectives.

The challenge lies in being able to ensure that you buy as few lures as possible –which means avoiding fish of the wrong size biting. You can change the lure at any time that the line has been reeled back in. But as long as you’ve got your lure under the water, great care must be taken in order to keep the lure intact.

Easy Controls, Tough Gameplay

It has been said time and again that the best games are easy to learn and tough to master –Fishing Girl applies falls under this category. Casting your line to the longest possible distance is a simple matter of just charging down the mouse button and releasing it at the right time. The same is to be said about pulling the line in- just hold down the mouse button to reel in the line (and keep it away from the wrong fishes). It takes all but a few tries to get the system instilled into a player’s muscle memory.

But the real challenge lies in knowing which fish will be approaching your lure and which aren’t. Also, fish can come from any direction in the game, and with the lure mostly positioned near the left side of the screen, that is the direction from which you have less time to react to bigger fish. Even the tactic of using big lures does not work once you finish the initial objective -since smaller fish can start eating the big lures.

More Than One Objective

The game has two different endings, and it is quite transparent about that fact especially after you finish the game the first time. The more obvious, and initial, route is to get the upgrades for the fishing rod and get your casting distance to reach all the way to the other end of the stage. The other method is far more interesting –and more satisfying to accomplish.

As the first ending implies, there are sharks swimming in the very depths of the lake. This is where the dynamite lure comes in. At 800 coins per lure, it is not a cheap item to acquire. And unlike all the other lures, dynamite is a consumable; this means you will need to buy a new one after using it, and buying enough dynamite for all the fishes is impossible. You will need to strategically use smaller lures for smaller fishes before clearing up a path for the dynamite lure.

The Verdict

 Patience is an important virtue in this game –especially when you reach a point where you must carefully get the dynamite to reach the bottommost part of the waters. It will take some careful casting and reeling to finally achieve the second, and more important ending of the game, but considering how well it all plays, Fishing Girl certainly makes it worth your time and effort.