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Over 30 realistic, animated fishing spots. From the snows of the South Pole to the paradisical beaches of Australia!

Almost 300 fish species and other water creatures, including gigantic sturgeon and warrior sharks ? the dream of every fisherman!

This is a free browser game, Ten Square Games let's you play this premium fishing game for free, just sign up and go fishing now online.

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Let's Fish May Just Get You Hooked on Angling

Fishing may seem simple, but there's actually a whole checklist of factors that make or break a fishing trip. Catching specific breeds of fish not only requires dedication but also a rod that's strong enough to carry the weight of the desired species, the correct type of line, an appropriate hook that complements the two and some irresistible bait. Have all of the above? Don't forget, there's also the location of your fishing spot to consider. Is the fish type native to the river? Is it at home in the ocean? Or is it a breed that thrives in icy waters? Regardless if the prospect of fishing seems exciting or daunting, the free-to-play online game Let's Fish allows you to get as much virtual practice as you want.

Featuring about 300 fish types and over 30 fishing spots, this title allows you to experience the sport and all its intricacies from the comforts of your own cushy couch. Potato chips and soda not included. Upon starting the game, Mike the fishing tutor extraordinaire introduces each of your basic fishing gear. As expected, you start out with basic equipment, capable of catching Roaches and Bleaks. Yes, those don't really sound too appealing, but by staying on course and gaining some levels, you'll catch better fish types.

Anyway, the fun starts once you click on "Cast a Line". Once the float sinks, it's time to press the "Pull" button. A bar is then displayed, representing how taut your line is. As you may expect, allowing the line to get either too taut or too lose will result in the fish getting away. On the other hand, if you manage to get the float within the marked circle then you get to reel in your catch successfully. Stats vary for every fish caught. You may save a catch as a trophy and even announce your success in global chat.

If trophy collecting isn't your style, you may want to try your hand at participating in tournaments. These online matches are categorized depending on the rod types in your possession. Basically, you are tasked to catch a certain breed of fish. Reeling in one of the best catches in the lot earns you points which go toward the Weekly Best Angler ranking. Securing a spot on the top ten there will make you eligible for rare prizes such as bank notes, power bonuses, bait and more.

There's no doubt that the system works. Actually, the concept is a familiar one, which is not exactly a good thing. While we weren't really counting on bells and whistles, a simplistic system based on a correct combination of items and luck isn't much different from the myriad of fishing mini games available today. Collecting items basically entails level grinding and micro transactions, not skill. The system to reel in fish lacks the innovation you'd expect from a game built around the sport. Even Animal Crossing: New Leaf's fishing mechanics are more sophisticated, requiring players to watch for shadows and listen for biting sounds. On the plus side, the game is still young. Perhaps new tweaks to the game mechanics will be implemented in the near future.

Let's Fish may not be the definitive angling game but it does have plenty to offer. As we've mentioned, there are a staggering number of fish breeds and fisheries, tournaments to test your angling know-how, achievements to unlock and even talents to improve your game. The community may not be at its peak yet, but as it is, the basic chat feature is effective in lending a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. If you can look past the minor glitches and are after a straightforward system with plenty of collectibles, don't hesitate to give Let's Fish a shot. It may just, pun intended, get you hooked.

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