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Orca Simulator Lets You Raise Calves and Fight the Kraken

Go on an epic ocean adventure and experience life as a killer whale in Orca Simulator by Gluten Free Games. As one of the ocean's toughest predators, you will need to use both your speed and wits to take a bite out of your foes faster than they can attack you. Pit your skills against dolphins, whales and even fearsome sharks. Combine your Bite and Dash attacks to deliver the killing blow and fight for your territory. Once you're able to join a pod and go on a hunt, you can then start thinking about raising a family. Everything you could ever imagine about living the life of an orca, you can experience firsthand here.

'Everything you could ever imagine about living the life of an orca, you can experience firsthand here.'

Modeled After Life

Although orcas can be tough, they are not invincible. Orca Simulator keeps things realistic as if your killer whale's condition changes depending on the decisions you make. You will need to maintain its health by minimizing its injuries, keep it fed and rested throughout its adventure and keep an eye on the oxygen levels if you ever hope to survive the harsh Arctic Ocean.

Adding to the game's realism is the new first-person view mode. Experience the world through the eyes of an orca, navigating the vast waters using the game's intuitive touch controls. Immerse yourself in a massive 3D environment. Roam an open world filled with coral reefs, underwater volcanoes, wondrous forests of seaweed and sunken castles. Orca Simulator's world is three times the size of those found in Gluten Free Games' past simulators. What's more, it looks good and runs smoothly on any mobile device as it has Graphics Quality options which allows you to tailor its high definition graphics to your heart's content.

Weather All Storms

Life in the deep, sparkling ocean is never boring with Orca Simulator's time and weather effects. Not only does day turn to night and brings about a different kind of danger, the weather also changes using the game's procedural weather system. With it, you can experience unique storms complete with downpours of rain, crackles of thunder and flashes of lightning. Want to travel on land? The benefit of having a dynamic environment is that it snows and that makes icebergs form close to the surface.

The hazards aren't just due to the ever changing weather patterns either. There are whirlpools for you to watch out for as well as devastating mines and bombs. While the orca is a fearsome creature, keep in mind that not every face is friendly and not everything can be solved by its powerful jaws alone. Humans have learned to fight back, so swim to the surface possibly at your peril -- there may be those waiting to fire harpoons and hunt the hunter.

Release Date: 08/03/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Hunting the Hunter

The ocean is massive indeed and in order to help your killer whale find his prey, you can make use of echolocation. The real-time indicator reveals the location of nearby life so you can easily track down something to hunt. There are plenty of species just waiting to be discovered such as seals, sea turtles, eels, whales, penguins, squids and narwhals. For fans of the fantasy genre, there are even mermaids just waiting to say hello.

'What makes Orca Simulator so captivating is the rich virtual life it offers'

What makes Orca Simulator so captivating is the rich virtual life it offers. Interacting with creatures isn't optional, it is required if you don't want your killer whale to starve. Of course, you're not the only big, bad predator in this side of the Arctic Ocean so you'll need to master your Dash and Bite. Survive long enough and you may just be able to level up. This gives you the chance to increase the orca's health as well as the damage it inflicts. A level up also lets you change it's look with new colors. Still having trouble showing those sharks whose boss? New abilities such as Death Grab become available later on giving you plenty to aim for and look forward to. There are a trio of baddies just waiting for your challenge. Go up against a Kraken, dodge the harpoons of a whaling ship and survive against Moby Dick if you dare.

Aside from a world teeming with life, the locations in Orca Simulator are truly a marvel to behold. Seeing everything up close with the first-person camera not only makes things look more believable it allows you to forget you're even playing a game. To add to the realism are optional blood effects and a family system which allows you to pick a mate, produce calves and form a pod of your own. And, last but not the least, the weather effects add a convincing note to the atmosphere. It gives a semblance of passing time and livens things up by integrating something unpredictable.

Our Verdict

If you wish to survive as an orca in these waters, you'll need to think and act like one. Orca Simulator is the simulation game to beat if you've ever wanted to experience life as a killer whale. This is as immersive as it gets, featuring an open world and plenty of epic underwater adventures to look forward to.

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Orca Simulator is developed by Gluten Free Gaming.