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Whale Trail Classic

There's a whale swimming in the sky and passing through clouds while collecting stars abd bubble-like things. That was the best summation of Whale Trail Classic that we could do -at least, if you just want to describe the first few moments of gameplay that you get with the game. While almost every single visual element of the game makes you want to toss logic out of the window, the gameplay is very grounded, the controls are tight, and playing this game is really plenty of fun (despite the fact the we really never thought it would be that way).

Let's If We Can Manage to Explain Whale Trail Shall We?

Whale Trail is a mobile app game where players take control of a flying whale named Willow. Willow must fly into the sky in order to stay away from a massive all-black creature of the deep named Baron Von Barry (and believe us, if you take a close look at Barry, you will want to run away too). So the whole game plays as an endless runner with Willow eternally flying and running away.

The sky is full of dangers like angry thunder clouds and other stuff, and if you slow down too much (not getting enough stars and all that), Barry will eventually catch up with you and pull Willow away using his tentacles. To fly better, Willow must collect all the in-air items that form a path, and this is the titular 'Whale Trail'.

You Will Want to Run Away

Baron Von Barry is introduced right at the start of the game (right after you meet Willow the whale). Now, at first glance, one would think that Barry is an octopus or something -big, has tentacles, kinda shadowy and all that. But a closer inspection reveals that Barry is something closer to a Lovecraftian monster.

Just try counting how many eyes Barry has. The dark murky baron's body is shaped like a bizarre cloud, half his torso is a giant mouth, it has giant tentacles, and several sets of eyes that are irregularly placed on the head. Lastly, if you remember the fact that Willow is a whale and use that as a size comparison, you realize how large the baron truly is. Barry is creepy and is a great way to self-induce nightmares. As we said, if you are familiar with Lovecraftian lore, you'd think that Barry is a good friend of Cthulhu. Regardless of how you look at it, the constant threat of Baron Von Barry chasing you down is certainly a great motivation to keep Willow flying for as long as possible.

Release Date: 06/02/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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It Goes Up, It Goes Down

The gameplay is simple enough -you hold down the screen to make Willow go up and then release to let her move down. The timing should be made to match the trail -the longer you stay on the trail, the more stable your flight becomes (and you earn more points and stuff). The swirly pinwheel like items will push Willow forward with a quick burst, so they are useful for getting forward faster, but you can end up in a bad position for a tight turn (so sometimes, it might be more prudent to avoid them). There is also a penalty for not flying in the rail, as the game goes on, Willow's flying becomes more and more dependent on the power ups you obtain. Add in the dangers of the thunderclouds and other obstacles and the game becomes substantially challenging to play.

Making good runs is important, as each good run earns you a lot of money. You can use it to purchase passive bonuses which makes the game a lot easier to play. Bonuses include boosts to money earned, health, defense and improving Willow's Frenzy mode. Frenzy mode is activated by acquiring enough stars in a single run. When active, this mode allows Willow to burst through dangerous stuff like thunderclouds.

In Conclusion

Our Verdict

The game is bright, cheerful, and bubbly. But it does have its slightly bizarre moments (it's a game featuring a flying whale, so that's to be expected), and there will be times when you end up wondering why almost everything in-game has a face, or where you are actually flying over (the backgrounds are just are bizarre looking with weird colors and details). What Trail Classic is an odd game for sure, but it is that one game that you can keep coming back to from time to time because the gameplay is solid, consistently, and reliably fun.


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Whale Trail Classic is developed by Us Two.

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