Radical Fishing Game

Radical Fishing - Revolutionising deep-sea fishing with chainsaws, guns, and upgrades, for an altogether more entertaining experience

Drastic Angling

Fishing is traditionally a very relaxing pastime that lets you cast off, sit back, and enjoy the soft sound of the rippling water as you wait for your line to start dancing, after which a light struggle may or may not commence with a genuine fish, or a world of disappointment as your line comes up empty, or even worse, filled with seaweed or other inanimate materials. The cry of Radical Fishing goes out to all those that find traditional fishing a bore, and also for those that believe conventional fishing methods suffer from a distinct lack of firearms and mid-air shooting of the caught fish in order to score as many points as possible. Don’t worry, there’s not even a hint of Robson Green in this one, since this is Radical Fishing; we left extreme behind when we put our rod down and picked up an Uzi to blast them out of the sky.

Ridiculous Rodding 101

I may have mentioned once or twice that this is no ordinary fishing game, and I wasn’t dishonouring myself by lying. The game has you take control of a fisherman floating on the water, encouraging you to cast off in the traditional sense and following the hook and initially avoiding fish as the line descends in order to achieve as great of a depth as possible. Once you reach the maximum depth (which changes depending on your equipment; this is covered below), you must then follow the line back up to the surface and catch as many fish as you an along the way. Tradition takes an authorised leave of absence here as once you haul your fish out of the water, instead of catching them and taking them home for consumption, you must shoot them out of the air with whichever firearm you have on hand. Everything is controlled with the mouse, and points are tallied up at the end of the game: lather, rinse, repeat.

Let’s Make This Interesting

Far from being a repetitive drain on your time that follows the above format, the game also has upgrades up its sleeve to keep you interested. As you earn money from fishing, you are able to afford better equipment such as higher quality rod components to allow you to achieve greater depth, weights to let you start at various depths, and variety of guns with which to annihilate the fish once they are in the air, and a hell of a lot more to enhance your adventure. There is also a wide range of different types of fish to catch and fill out your fishopedia with. Jellyfish, Rhino Trout, Giant Turtles, and Sea Horses are just a few of the fish that are available for capture, with a greater variety being available the deeper you go.

Analyse Fish

To put it mildly, Radical Fishing from Vlambeer is unbelievably enjoyable, and yes, that is putting it mildly. Though traditional fishing is traditionally tiresome, the radical approach here is gripping and so wonderfully addictive it makes you want to keep playing until you have all of the upgrades and are catching fish so low that life is sparse and blasting fish so high that they reach outer space (both are actual occurrences in the game). The graphics are fairly raw, but this aspect is given a retro aspect with the old-school and Nintendo-like sounds, making the game feel like an arcade title from back in the day. There isn’t much not to like about Radical Fishing, so put your rod down, grab a firearm, and join the party!