Super Fishing Game

Super Fishing Brings a Whole New Depth of Fish-Reeling Gameplay

At first glance, Super Fishing seems like a stereotypical casual flash game that has fish, rednecks and a lot of lures. Well, sure, it has all three of the above, but it puts them together in such an in-depth gameplay system that players will learn to enjoy and appreciate. The game presents players with a wide variety of fishes to catch, a range of lures to purchase and use, and plenty of various locations to fish in. Your location, and lure type will determine the type of fish that will bite, and it is up to you to successfully reel them in.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

The basic gameplay of Super Fishing involves casting your line towards a good spot, getting the fish to bite, then finally, reeling in the catch. The basic mechanics are as straightforward as the activity in real life, but the side details are just as complicated to muster and learn. First off, we said “getting the fish to bite” not “waiting”. Your lure and the way you reel it will attract certain fish and scare others off. Get the right combination of movement and lure-type then you’ll be able to know what mix a certain fish likes.

Your first few casts will certainly net you a few bites and winging the bite-meter thing is not that hard, which means that the game starts off on a satisfying foot. But after a few successful catches, you start checking out the game’s shop for new lures and viola, a whole new world of stuff to grind comes into play.

By grind, we mean a reasonable amount of time spent earning money for better lures, catching bigger fish, then buy even buying even more lures. It is a simple and addictive cycle, and it manages to be fun along the way. The only catch is that the visuals may take a bit of liking to, as Super Fishing’s aesthetics is certainly not for everyone.

A Little Stereotypical

Fishing is a pastime enjoyed by many people, but in Super Fishing, you only get one choice of hooker: the generic redneck. Sure, it is a somewhat funny that you can buy various accessories such as caps and an assortment of display-purpose-only boat gadgets, but there are times when it gets old. And anyone not seeing themselves as the fisherman will find it a hard sell to even consider spending those well-earned in-game cash on non-performance related game content. With that, the game does lose a bit of replay value.

Plenty of Fish

The only good thing is that this is offset by the large amount of fishes you can catch. There is no available encyclopedia however (though you could just check your trophy wall), so keeping track of all your catches will take a bit of note-taking. To catch all the typs of fish available, players will learn to use a wide variety of fishing tools, such as lures, spoons, sinkers, and more. Those with a bit of fishing experience will know which combinations work in certain waterholes, while the rest of the game is mostly trial and error. There is no time limit as to how long you can spend fishing in any location so players feel encouraged to experiment with their options.

The first big step to progressing in this game is learning to be willing to spend everything you have got on a single item. Some lures cost a lot –and earning plenty of money from smaller catches requires a lot of time. However, getting better lures and figuring out where to use them will multiply the amount you earn per catch.

Getting That Bite

With many fishing games, the fish-reeling sequence tends to be the most difficult and challenging. Players often have to balance the amount of slack with the amount of reeling they do –in order to prevent the line from snapping and at the same time, keeping the fish from being able to escape.

In super fishing, this is summed down to keeping arrow in the relaxed zone of an onscreen meter. Holding down the mouse button adds a bit of reeling, releasing it gives slack. We discovered that the best way to catch fishes in this game is to simply tap, hold, and release the mouse button at intervals based on the movement of the meter. The game is quite forgiving of the tension of the line, and getting your gauge to stay stable is whole lot more intuitive that in other games. Also, no matter how tough the fish can be, reeling them in is the easy part, getting them to bite is the hard one.

The Verdict

Super Fishing, despite the visual’s flat textures and clashing colors, still delivers a virtual fishing experience that is hard to match short of getting a dedicated console fishing game. While the game mechanics’ simplicity may seem a little too mediocre for purists, it allows the game to approach a wider variety of audiences, and serves well as both an introductory game to the genre and as a quick fix for those times when focusing too much on the catch is the last thing on your mind. If you enjoyed games such as Radical Fishing, Let’s Fish, and Fishing Girl, and now you want something a little more in-depth, then Super Fishing is the right game for you.