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Sea Shepherd  

Victory for the Whales

Sea Shepherd was first set up in 1977, and is a non-profit, aquatic wildlife conservation charity that works all over the world. Their aim is to stop the devastation and obliteration of natural habitat and the slaughtering of whales and other sea life so that the worlds ecosystems and species can be preserved. Amongst some of their most effective work is their direct opposition towards Norwegian, Icelandic and Japanese whale hunting operations with their campaigns that have saved the lives of 1000's of Whales.

Operation Relentless: Sea Shepherd's 10th Artartic Whale Defense

What makes Sea Shepherd unique in our eyes in comparison to other whale protection charities is their direct action in patrolling the seas with their extensive range of ships allowing them to directly record and on many occasions prevent Whales from being harpooned and killed by nations supporting Whale hunting. You can help support their direct campaign in protecting Whales and find out more about their past successful operations by visiting their Whale Operations page here.

Their operations also extend much further than just Whales with other sea life in need of desperate protection, Sea Shepherd work extensively to protect: Blue Fin Tuna, Dolphins, Reefs, Sea Lions, Seals and Sharks from the same sorts of barbaric deaths that Whales suffer every year.

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Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC)

The ASOC arranges campaigns in five different continents to put a stop to unlawful, unreported and unregulated fishing, which is reducing the number of toothed fish quite drastically.  They were established in 1978 when the awareness of the public about environmental issues started to grow all over the world, and when necessary regulations to safeguard the environment were passed in so many different countries. Today, they continue to be a NGO voice for all issues related to protecting the environment in the Antarctic, and have managed to expand their  portfolio to incorporate other vital issues like climate change, shipping and tourism.  ASOC’s plan for the future is to take the conservation of the Antarctic even further, work towards creating a network of sea protected locations within the Ocean, reduce pollution generated by vessels, and mitigate the effects of all climate related change. 

Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean is a charitable organization committed to encouraging sea conservation through literature, art and science. They are especially keen to provide information and arrange workshops that assist people in making environmentally friendly choices.  Ideally these choices should help to restore all the abundance of living creatures in the sea – for instance – arranging seafood consumer education initiatives.


WWF’s ultimate aim is to encourage human beings to live harmoniously with nature.  They want us to respect and value the natural environment and try to find ways to share and equally distribute all the resources in our world fairly.

WWF spend a considerable amount of time working with businesses, politicians and local communities to achieve their goals as the majority of threats to our natural habitats tend to derive from a lot of pressure from human beings.  They particularly like to safeguard rare creatures like whales, and like to protect plant species, too. 

Sea Watch Foundation

The Sea Watch Foundation is a charity that works to enhance the preservation as well as protection of endangered sea creatures that can be found inside Irish and British waters.  These include dolphins, whales, and porpoises.  Their aim is to closely monitor the amount of dolphins and whales there are.  This is so that they can gain useful knowledge about the health of the sea environment, and an understanding about the impacts of chemical pollution, over fishing, accidents involving capturing fish, and changes in climate.  They involve the general public in the scientific work that they do and raise awareness of all sea life, as well as all the problems that they are facing.  They work towards educating, and advising people how to protect the environment in a better way.

Save the Whale

Save The Whale was first established in 1977 and aims to teach adults and children about sea creatures, the environment that they live in as well as how to preserve them.  This organisation strongly believes that children are the future and must be educated, and informed that any action that they take has the potential for positive change.  Education and knowledge are the answer to saving all our oceans, whales as well as ourselves. 

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)

WDCS was set up in 1987, and is a top universal charity devoted to conserving the welfare of every whale and dolphin.  In brief, they are the global voice for these creatures and create a lot of pressure to generate change.  This means that they defend these extraordinary animals against all the threats that they are being faced with such as entanglement inside fishing nets, hunting, climate change, captivity, noise, pollution and ship collisions.  They achieve this by putting all the cash that they back into projects and campaigns that take place all over the world that have a tremendous impact. 

Wild Whales

Wild Whales is a conservation and research program involving the Aquarium in Vancouver, in partnership with Oceans Canada and Fisheries. Their mission is to enhance the awareness of the public about British Columbian whales, porpoises, sea turtles and dolphins.  They also inform them about all the threats that there are to their existence. You can assist them by reporting  any animals that you spot in the waters in British Columbia, and also by finding out more about how you can reduce the impact that you have on sea mammals in their threats  section.

Wild Whales belong to the B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network and has more than 3,000 spectators all over British Columbia. This includes operators who watch whales, lighthouse keepers, chartered boat operators, captains of tugboats, researchers, BC Ferries personnel, recreational boaters, government employees as well as coastal residents. All the people who observe for them report their sightings of whales or sea turtles through their website. 

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Whale Trust

Whale Trust is a registered charity that aims to promote, assist as well as carry out scientific research on whales along with the environment in the sea.  In addition, they communicate all their findings broadly.  They are devoted to promoting and developing Maui as an exclusive living whale and marine life research laboratory.  Their vision is to assist in creating a world that is much more educated about whales.  

Ocean Alliance

Ocean Alliance was established in 1971 by an Environmentalist called Roger Payne; he works with a broad range of scientific partners to educate and advise all policy makers on sensible decisions about the ocean.  These include reducing pollution; preventing the reduction of marine animals; how to keep access to all sea life by humans, and promoting the overall health of the ocean.  Ocean Alliance is particularly concerned with conserving whales and all other sea life.  Ocean Alliance also concentrates on other environmental issues caused by human beings. 

Ocean Alliance genuinely feels that the ocean and all its inhabitants are popular and irreplaceable assets to humankind.  They believe that preservation ought to be a genuine “state of the mind”.  Ocean Alliance tries to enable this process by connecting marine science to educational homes and establishments all over the world.  They aim to overcome barriers to any change by sharing all their resources internationally, recognising that an active and well informed world is a prerequisite to healthy change as well as a requirement for a more receptive and rational system of governing the ocean.