Whale Watching Trips

whale watching

It is almost impossible to try and beat the feeling of exhilaration that you experience when you watch a whale leap out of the water.  Observing this gentle creature in its own natural environment seriously is a breath taking experience.  The good news is that people have started to become interested in wildlife holidays since the increase in coverage about eco-friendly trips.  There is a perfect place for you to go regardless of the kind of whale species you want to go and see.  We have put together a list of nine different whale watching companies that will help you make your once in a life time experience come true. 

whale breaching

Responsible Travel

Responsible travel.com can arrange 41 different whale watching holidays in different countries ranging from British Columbia to Australia.  You will get the opportunity to get close to whales regardless of your choice of destination.  Click here and find out about some of the best locations that they have to offer to include Sri Lanka, Italy and Tonga. 

Audley Travel

Audley Travel specialise in arranging custom made travel schedules for any astute traveller who is looking for a unique and genuine experience anywhere in the world. You are spoilt for choice because there are many destinations that you can choose like South Africa, Canada and India.  So, all you have to do is click on any one of the locations on their interactive map on their website to discover the types of whales that you are likely to see, and the best time to visit those places. 

It is seriously worth considering booking your trip with Audley travel because they have received various awards for providing excellent quality services. 

The Whale & Dolphin Company

The Whale & Dolphin Company is a small business that offers first-class whale and dolphin watching holidays in the Maldives, Seychelles and Sri Lanka.  This company can also arrange trips for you to see other wildlife such as birds, sea insects as well as other diverse and astonishing sea creatures.  All of their trips are guided by a qualified Marine Biologist, Dr Anderson, who is a top consultant and the first person to arrange dolphin and whale watching trips in that region. 

Archipelago Choice

Archipelago Choice arranges a wide range of whale holidays in Cape Verde and Azores.  They employ a small team and each staff member is passionate about sustainable tourism.  They have helped many people arrange memorable trips over the years.  They have plenty of local contacts in Azores and will make sure that your trip is a unique and unforgettable experience.  

Whale Watch

This is a unique company that offers trips that enhance peoples’ awareness about whales and other sea life.  They offer a wide variety of educational resources to their passengers during their trips that go way beyond just an average whale watch.  In addition, they tailor make all their trips to suit different age groups. 

During their trips, they lower a plankton net into the sea and collect plenty of microscopic marine species for research purposes. They want their passengers to be aware of the reasons why their sanctuary is vital to protect and preserve sea life as well as seeing various sea animals.  If the conditions are right, they might use an underwater microphone so that you can listen to the sounds that whales make. 

Oceans Worldwide

Oceans Worldwide offer tours that involve seeing all the natural beauty that you find in oceans around the world.  They select their guides and vessels extremely carefully, and they work in collaboration with the Dolphin & Whale Conservation Society to make sure that they deliver the best standards.  Their agents will arrange a trip of a lifetime for you. 

Sea Kayak Adventures

Sea Kayak Adventures arrange wilderness holidays for people who are active and like the outdoors.  They combine fun with inspirational adventures that revitalise the mind, body and soul.  They focus on several things: organising adventures to stunning places to escape the hustle and bustle of life, meeting incredible people, having unique experiences, acquiring fresh skills and informing you about eco-friendly travel. 

Discover The World

Discover Holidays have been arranging inspiring custom made holidays for almost 30 years.  They have an excellent reputation for being one of the leading tour operators in the UK.  They arrange trips all over the world to places like New Zealand, Canada, Australia and many other exciting destinations.  They will arrange creative itineraries that suit your budget and will make sure you have an extraordinary experience when you are away. 


Transun has thirty years of experience arranging whale watching holidays around the Arctic Circle. They can take you to astonishing locations and offer you the chance to get involved in local cultures, try special activities and arrange trips that are connected to your chosen destination.  They have spent many years looking for exclusive types of accommodation in various destinations ranging from cabins in the wilderness in the Arctic Circle to five star suites overlooking beach fronts in places like Thailand.  They will arrange a package for you that you are guaranteed to enjoy and remember for the rest of your life. 

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